Thanks a billion, cheeseheads!

January 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

 So ends a December 11, 2010 editorial in the Los Angeles Times commenting on the decisions by the governors-elect of Ohio and Wisconsin to turn down $1.2 billion in ARRA funds to build rail projects in their states.  It seems the governors were concerned that after the federal government largess, their states might be required to cover some operating costs for these rail systems.  Really.

Well that’s easy to fix: no jobs for unemployed construction workers in the mid-west, no rail for future generations, and no environmental benefits by upgrading transportation systems.  Perfect. 

The federal government quickly reallocated the return gift to twelve states providing California with an extra $634 million for its high-speed rail line from San Diego to San Francisco to Sacramento.  Hence, the expression of gratitude from California to the cheeseheads.

Texas Governor Rick Perry, on his election night and on the eve of his nationwide book tour (Fed-Up! Our Fight to Save the U.S. from Washington) stated that ‘Americans do not want any more feel good policies’.  Really. 

It’s a familiar refrain.  The corporate sponsored politicians speak with assurance and clarity about what Americans want.  But, they never ask us.  What’s up? 

We all could write volumes about what’s broken on the political and policy front, but our theories and wishes do not constitute a promising strategy for constructive change.  This is America.  We vote our preferences with our feet and wallets.  That’s the vote that speaks the most clarity in America.

There are plenty of decisions we make with respect to our health, food, environment, transportation, jobs, children, education, and more.  We must act independently to affect change.  It’s bottom up; it’s grass roots.  By our independent actions, we can lead our politicians and their sponsors to make better decisions for America.

It’s not a multiple choice test.  It’s time to set the agenda with our own actions and quiet politicians that consistently get our preferences so wrong. 

PV is a grass roots movement; it’s an economic decision today!  There is no reason to wait.

So vote today.  Light from light . . . very cool!!

Chet Boortz, CEO


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