Turning the Page on Mideast Autocrats

March 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

. . . Who me?  Yes you! . . . one grid-tied PV System at a Time!

No wakeup call here.  The U.S. once again is caught in a familiar position of disconnecting its moral principles of individual freedom and human rights in favor of strategically located despots who control oil flows.

Democracy is on the march in the Middle East, but Washington is virtually mute.  It’s not a Berlin Wall moment.  No, it’s an oil supply insecurity moment, and our unseemly ‘strategic’ relationships have squelched the joyous celebration.

Source: John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune

Honestly, it’s 2011 . . . we have been dealing with oil dependency compromises for sixty years, and since the Gulf War in 1990, we have been inundated with adverse economic and political consequences of our unilateral and steadfast approach to oil dependency.  Don’t look for change or progressive energy policies from Washington DC.  They’re busy, thank you.

Is our government broken?  No, it’s a social, political, and economic organism performing with remarkable efficiency.  The input variables are gerrymandered representative districts and unlimited ($$$,$$$,$$$’s) campaign spending.  The output is status quo and the protection of vested interests.  What else would we expect?

The U.S. government may be hand-tied, but its citizens are not. Let’s assist the brave people in the Middle East and defrock their monarchs and autocrats by making ourselves less dependent on their oil resources one grid-tied PV system at a time.  The U.S. has abundant solar insolation, and clean electricity is the transportation fuel of the 21st century.

We do not need any help, the pieces are in place.  With a 40% reduction in costs since 2009, grid-tied PV systems are economic and excellent investments for home and business.  PV is scalable, so a system that provides just 20% to 30% of your electricity is perfect.

A PV system is a long-term asset and excellent hedge against rising energy costs; it’s electricity produced from light, and it’s sustainable.  PV is distributive energy (on your roof) . . . producing power where you use power — on the load side of your electricity meter.  It uses no water, has no line loss, virtually no maintenance, and no emissions.  And, it is owned by you!  No other conventional or renewable energy resource shares these attributes.

So please, do not wait on Washington DC or your State House.  Those men and women are busy doing what they do.  Let’s have our own ‘energy’ revolution one home and one business at a time.  No one can stop us.  It’s an economic decision; it’s a patriotic decision.  Let’s do it!

Chet Boortz, CEO


[The comments, positions, and opinions stated above are my own and may or may not represent those of SES 21 USA and its affiliate companies.]


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