Bosch Solar Energy introduces new, free PV app for iPhone and iPad

August 16, 2011 § 2 Comments

  • Calculate the expected energy yield from a Bosch solar power system anywhere in the world
  • Direct contact with wholesaler and Bosch Solar Energy
  • Bosch Solar Friend available to download for free

Bosch Solar Energy now has an app available for iPhone and iPad, which allows users to analyse solar yields just by putting their phone on the roof. This is a great way to give residential and commercial prospects a quick and easy estimation of the economics of a PV solar installation using Bosch Solar Energy products.

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Bosch Solar Friend - iPhone and iPad App

Bosch Solar Friend - iPhone and iPad App | Picture: Bosch Solar Energy

Excerpt from iTunes Store:

Bosch Solar Friend – Seek the sun and start a solar friendship that works worldwide!

Saving energy costs and simultaneously helping to protect the environment – not possible? Think again and look no further than your roof.

The new Bosch Solar Friend helps you analyze your rooftop conditions and determine the best system for solar power generation at any location worldwide.

Bosch Solar Friend makes it really easy to estimate the average annual energy yield that can be expected when installing Bosch solar modules on your rooftop. Simply align your iPhone with your roof, and you are done – all relevant parameters are automatically determined using the internal functions of your iPhone (like compass and GPS). For comparison with other locations, a manual input is possible as well.

By additionally specifying your roof size and the operation time of the system, you will also get information on the ideal number of modules, the overall energy yield over operation time, the total earnings for your country (depending on your FiT´s) and the amount of CO2 saved by your photovoltaic system.

There is more: the Bosch Solar Friend also leads you directly to special sales contacts, shows references of Bosch Solar Energy projects and helps you contact Bosch via website, telephone and Facebook.

NOTE: The use of Bosch Solar Friend is not intended to replace a detailed planning procedure by a qualified installer. Special local environment conditions such as trees, buildings and other shadowing obstacles may alter the actual possible energy yield. The given revenue data represent approximate values for shadow-free systems.


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Bosch Solar Energy and SES 21 USA:

We are proud to be an exclusive distributor for Bosch Solar Energy products here in the United States.


Receive a Bosch Power Tool with your next order of Bosch Solar Energy modules

June 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Bosch Power Drill when ordering Bosch Solar Panels

High brand recognition and a great price-performance-ratio are not the only great reasons to use Bosch Solar Energy panels for your next project. Now Bosch is giving away 5 of its top-of-the-line Lithium-Ion Power Drills.

Here is how it works:

  1. Order more than 10kWp of Bosch Solar Energy – c-Si M60 monocrystalline modules in the period between June 1st and July 30th 2011.
  2. Receive a Bosch 18V Lithium-ion Impact Drill/Driver  if you are amongst the first 5 orders.

Interested? Let’s get in touch!

Eligibility requirements:
  1. Order must be placed during promotional period between 06/01/2011 and 07/31/.2011.
  2. First 5 entrants per wholesaler ordering more than 10kWp of Bosch Solar modules c-Si M 60 will receive Bosch cordless screw 18V Lithium-ion Impact Drill/Driver.
  3. First five complete entry documents received are eligible for the reward.
  4. Each installer company may send in one entry only.
  5. Installers are allowed to submit several orders together within campaign period.
  6. Recourse to legal action and a cash alternative to the reward are excluded.
  7. Power tools are only going to be sent out after full payment of the order is received by SES 21 USA, LLC.

Bosch Solar breaks world record with new cell design

May 5, 2011 § 6 Comments

Bosch Solar Energy announced that Bosch silicon cells have achieved a world record. The independent calibration laboratory at Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems has confirmed that a degree of efficiency of 19.6 percent has been reached for Bosch monocrystalline solar cells*.  Normally, a silicon-based screen printed solar cell will achieve efficiencies of 17 to 18.5 percent. The output of the cells can reach an outstanding 4.73 Watt peak.

Bosch Solar Cells

Bosch Solar Energy has been working on these new record-breaking cells for quite some time. The design structure on this new altered cell is referred to as PERC which stands for “Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell”.  The rear side of the cell as well as the front was optimized for the solar cells’ optical and electrical properties.

An immediate practical application for these optimized cells is that the cell’s performance is improved under weak lighting conditions and increased ambient temperatures. This means a higher energy yield for solar consumers even during winter months or overcast days.

Most consumers are familiar with Bosch power tools or home appliances. Installers and consumers alike should familiarize themselves with Bosch Solar. Founded in 1886, Bosch is a worldwide company and a market leader in patents. If you have a twenty-five year warranty on your solar panels you’ll want a company that you know will be around for a long time!

For more information on Bosch Solar Energy please click here.

* monocrystalline solar cells with screen-printed metallization in 156 x 156 mm format.
   For full Bosch Solar Energy press release click here

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