It’s Morning in America . . . that was 1984.

February 4, 2011 § 3 Comments

            . . . What time is it now? 

The centennial of Ronald Reagan’s birth is February 6, 2011.  Ronald Reagan was the 40th President of the United States, and he is idolized today by admirers for his conservative leanings.  The impact of his fiscal, social, and foreign policy agenda is still unfolding, and it will take another 30 years for scholars the write the book on his presidency and its aftermath. 

The Reagan period is symbolized by his 1984 reelection campaign and his television spot:  It’s Morning in America.  It’s a highly acclaimed political campaign television commercial . . . pure Hollywood and pure Reagan.

So, if it was morning in 1984, what time is it now?  In terms of U.S. energy policy, it’s Dawn in America!  Ten years after the 1973 Arab oil embargo, the supposed energy ‘wakeup call’ for U.S. energy policy makers, we celebrated morning; now, nearly 30 years later it’s dawn, but remember dawn is not dusk!  It’s just time to move in the other direction.  America does not do well with wake up calls

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The above EIA chart does not need interpretation.  The 2008-2010 downturn is related first to $4.00 gasoline and then to The Great Recession.  Of course, oil prices are rising again.

Here is what we know: so many of the social, health, economic, trade, foreign policy, fiscal, and environmental issues confronting America are related to the lack of a cohesive long-term energy strategy.  Over and over, the status quo, intransigent politicians, and vested interests prevail. 

So, let’s move up the clock – just a little.  In terms of energy:  IT’S SUNRISE IN AMERICA.

We cannot expect policy makers and their flock of insiders to solve our energy issues.  It just will not happen.  This is America; we are empowered by independence, individual choice, and economic freedom.  So, if you like the way things are . . . perfect, nothing to think about.  But, if you would like to make a difference . . . you are the catalyst, you are the movement, you are the solution; and your politicians will follow in line after the fact.

If you are connected to the electricity grid, consider PV solar electricity for your home or business as a supplement to your electricity consumption.  In a small-scale, become your own independent power producer (IPP).  Produce a portion of your electricity using light as a fuel with your own PV system, and purchase the balance of your electricity from your electric utility.  It’s that easy.

PV solar electricity is a groundswell popular movement, not a government policy.  It’s renewable and sustainable, affordable, a hedge against rising energy costs, and an attractive long-term investment for your home or business.

Say no to political folly.  Say yes to taking charge . . . to clean and affordable solar electricity.  Light from light.  It’s an economic choice today!

It’s sunrise in America.

Chet Boortz, CEO



There Will Be Solar!

November 30, 2010 § 3 Comments

The New York Times recently published a special Energy Section titled There Will Be Fuel.  It is a play on words to the 2007 film, There Will Be Blood, directed by Paul Anderson; the movie is about ‘family, greed, religion, and oil’ during the early age of oil exploration in California.  The NYT section describes dramatic changes from three years ago higher fuel prices with gasoline at $4.00 plus per gallon: oil at $147 per barrel; natural gas at $12 kBtu, and home electricity bills soaring. 

Light From Light

Light From Light ... it's a very good idea

Now it seems that things have changed.  A global recession and a predictable demand response to high prices along with ‘supply gone wild’ has tipped the balance back in favor of conventional carbon fuels.  There are vast new reserves of oil from deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico to tar sands in Canada and a natural gas industry that boasts a 100 years supply of low-cost natural gas from horizontal drilling in tight shale formations.  What about renewable energy? What about solar? Can it compete? 

It’s here; it’s economic now, it’s expanding exponentially in global markets; it’s beyond critical mass, and solar is not going away.  Solar is not oil or shale gas or coal or nuclear – it’s scalable, distributive electricity generation on the load side of your electric meter.  There is a huge difference. 

The EIA reports August, 2010 U.S. average residential cost for electricity at 12ȼ kWh.  With installed PV at $5.00 per Watt, grid-tied PV betters 12ȼ kWh for the next 40 years with no fuel, no water, and no emissions.  Try that with shale gas or coal or nuclear!  PV . . . it’s beyond grid parity

Light from light . . . it’s a very good idea!

Charles Boortz
PhD, Political Economy

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