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July 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

Quite often we get calls at SES 21 USA from homeowners or installers who are struggling with some design issues: what to do about trees that shade or how to handle odd pitched roofs.  A number of times we have seen people assume that they are not candidates for solar and give up quickly on the idea.

Rooftop in South Texas

We recently had a resident call in with a bit of a tricky roof. As you can see in the photo  his roof has many different pitches and the gables which cause shading in the late afternoon.  A roof mount was definitely an option but the installer and customer decided on this ground mount system. The customer had the space for it, unobstructed by trees or other buildings. Plus he can really maximize his ability to produce solar power with this ground mount system. Did we mention the home is in very sunny South Texas!

Here is a photo of the final system designed with Schott 230’s and Kaco inverters!

South Texas Ground Mount

Congrats to the homeowner and the installer for designing such an efficient and practical  source of energy.


SES 21 USA & KACOnewenergy join forces on youtube

April 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

Hi folks,

As our customers may already know, we really like KACO inverters. They are not only fast to install, light weight, but also come with a great warranty and product features.

So when KACO asked us to join in on a video campaign, we eagerly jumped on board!

Today, the video got published on youtube! Check it out:

Here is what KACO writes about us:

SES 21 USA – your solar distributor from Texas

Today we’d like to introduce our partner SES 21 USA from Texas to you. SES 21 sells fully configured PV systems as well as a full range of PV components. They have a fantastic (!) team, provide great service and were amazing neighbors at the recent PV America trade show in Philadelphia. Please follow them on Twitter @ses21usa, “like” their SES 21 Facebook page and read their solar blog.

We say thank you, Kaco for being such an amazing partner for great inverters!

Find out more about KACO inverters here…

KACO blueplanet 02xi series


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