SES 21 USA featured in summer issue of Energy Leaders Today

August 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

In late spring Energy Leaders approached us, if we would be available for an interview regarding Ignite Solar’s project for Pasadena School District, Texas.

Metin Altay, Director of Sales and Marketing here at SES 21 USA had a good share in making this project come true and so we were pleased to share this success story of a perfect synergy between a solar wholesale distributor and solar installers.

Read the complete article about the project and Metin Altay’s interview on page 42-43.

Metin Altay interviewed by Energy Leaders Today

Metin Altay interviewed by Energy Leaders Today - Summer 2011 - Copyright Energy Leaders Today 2011

So while we were talking to the editors, they found out about Chet’s desk, our CEO’s blog. Chet has a PhD in political economy, 20 years of experience in oil & gas and has switched to the solar industry 14 years ago. With his background and broad knowledge about the industry, markets and technologies, he is definitely of value to a lot of readers of our PV solar energy blog. Therefore we are really happy to see him being featured on Energy Leaders Today.

Energy Leaders Today features SES 21 USA

Chet Boortz, CEO of SES 21 USA - Solar Energy Solutions featured on Energy Leaders Today - Summer 2011 - Copyright Energy Leaders Today 2011

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200 years of natural gas supply brags the industry

June 27, 2011 § 3 Comments

Manhattan Anti-Fracking rally, NYC

Image by Adrian Kinloch via Flickr

 . . . hmmm now industry insiders suggest . . . well, maybe not so fast

So the natural gas industry would have you believe, there is no need to fool around with renewable energy . . . after all, we have a 200 years supply of clean burning natural gas to generate all of the electricity we need to meet U.S. demand.  Oh, that is really comforting . . . we will talk again in 200 years.

The natural gas production, of course, comes from fracking tight shale formations, wherever they exist, with a toxic concoction the ingredients of which cannot be disclosed, because ingredients are a trade secret!  Now, with over 10,000 wells ‘drilled’, production data from shale formations are beginning to suggest, it’s going to be a long, expensive, and very dirty 200 years.

NYT - Overestimating Natural Gas Production - Source: Art Berman, Labyrinth Consulting Services

It’s easy in the oil patch.  We used to explore for oil and gas, now we simply manufacture it.  Just find a gas bearing tight shale from Texas to the Adirondacks; drill into the shale formation; kick out with four or five 5,000 feet horizontal well shafts . . . and frack, frack, frack . . . and then produce, at least for a few years.

Every well is a winner (a promoter’s dream).  The production decline is dramatic, but it does not matter, just keep drilling for 200 years . . . it’s good for industry, but maybe not so good for clean air and water.

Honestly, it’s difficult to predict natural gas production from tight shale formations . . . every well is different; and maybe it’s exploration after all.  Some wells are highly productive, many more are laggards.  But every well leaves a long-lasting footprint.

Here is what is not difficult to predict: the sun will rise every morning, again and again.  We have plenty of empirical data and evidence.  We can make this prediction not just for 200 years but perhaps another 2 to 3 billion years for our marvelous planet Earth. And, with each sunrise comes an unlimited supply of free and clean solar energy.  So, what is the holdup?

Call your state and federal representatives to advocate solar energy.  They will be busy having lunch with lobbyists, but call anyway.  Leave a message.  Remind them that it’s 2011 not 1911, and it’s time to take a stand for reliable, sustainable, solar electricity.

THEN, make some noise; install a grid-tied PV system on your home or business.  PV solar distributive electricity is affordable and economic today.  It’s scalable (a small system works very well), and you do not need to frack sunlight with a secret toxic concoction.

There are no trade secrets – it’s light from light, how cool is that?  Solar electricity is a ground up popular movement.  This is the only noise your politicians will here.  It’s time to get started.

Chet Boortz, CEO


[The comments, positions, and opinions stated above are my own and may or may not represent those of SES 21 USA and its affiliate companies.]

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