Bosch Solar breaks world record with new cell design

May 5, 2011 § 6 Comments

Bosch Solar Energy announced that Bosch silicon cells have achieved a world record. The independent calibration laboratory at Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems has confirmed that a degree of efficiency of 19.6 percent has been reached for Bosch monocrystalline solar cells*.  Normally, a silicon-based screen printed solar cell will achieve efficiencies of 17 to 18.5 percent. The output of the cells can reach an outstanding 4.73 Watt peak.

Bosch Solar Cells

Bosch Solar Energy has been working on these new record-breaking cells for quite some time. The design structure on this new altered cell is referred to as PERC which stands for “Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell”.  The rear side of the cell as well as the front was optimized for the solar cells’ optical and electrical properties.

An immediate practical application for these optimized cells is that the cell’s performance is improved under weak lighting conditions and increased ambient temperatures. This means a higher energy yield for solar consumers even during winter months or overcast days.

Most consumers are familiar with Bosch power tools or home appliances. Installers and consumers alike should familiarize themselves with Bosch Solar. Founded in 1886, Bosch is a worldwide company and a market leader in patents. If you have a twenty-five year warranty on your solar panels you’ll want a company that you know will be around for a long time!

For more information on Bosch Solar Energy please click here.

* monocrystalline solar cells with screen-printed metallization in 156 x 156 mm format.
   For full Bosch Solar Energy press release click here


The solar market is growing and so is SES21USA!

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The solar market is growing and so are we!

We needed more office and warehouse space and luckily found the perfect space right next door.

You’ll find us at the same business complex at 2515 Tarpley Road, but in Suite 100 instead of 118.

PV America – Visit SES21 USA at Booth #1039

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We are proud to inform you that we’ll be exhibiting at the PV America.

Visit SES21 USA at booth #1039

Would you like to attend the show give us a shout and call us 972 428 3530

 PV AMERICA 2011- Official Website

The Northeast/Mid-Atlantic region represents one of the strongest U.S. markets for current PV installations and one of the most promising for projected growth. This April, PV America 2011 will host nearly 3,000 buyers, technology experts and industry leaders at the conveniently located Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Find out more about who will be attending.

Make your plans now to—

  • Educate yourself and your team on the latest PV technologies and public incentives.
  • Innovate throughout your business by connecting with exhibitors showcasing the latest products and services and networking with colleagues.
  • Activate your new knowledge and partnerships to make the most of solar power.

Welcome to Chet’s Desk

November 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

SES 21 USA is pleased to introduce this space as a forum for the interchange of comments, ideas, trends, and technical information surrounding the renewable energy and the PV solar industry.  

We are unabashed advocates of the PV solar industry.  But we do not view renewable energy as an all or nothing proposition.  The social, economic, national security, and environmental issues surrounding energy policies and technologies are immense and the stakes are high.

We advocate open discussion and reasonable policy considerations that address the private and social costs of energy consumption and production and treat all technologies on an equal basis.  That’s fair enough.  With this in mind, we seek market driven solutions. 

We do not believe the world stage will turn to 100% renewable energy at any time soon.  Definitions are confusing, and the issues are too staggering to be lost to ideology.  We envision a mixed portfolio of energy solutions and a variety of renewable technologies.  20% PV by 2050 is an achievable goal.  We cannot stand alone. 

Discovery and invention are alive, and tomorrow’s energy solutions undoubtedly are yet to be discovered.  That’s a comforting thought.  So no roadblocks to innovation please; let’s strive to provide our successors with a cleaner and more sustainable future. 

We have divided our blog into three basic sections: (i) Economics, Policy, and Politics, (ii) Markets and Products, and (iii) Technology.  We welcome your readership and participation.  So please share your thoughts and knowledge with all of us. 


Chet Boortz, CEO

Welcome to SES21 USA, LLC Blog

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Chet Boortz, CEO SES 21 USA, LLC

We are going to use this blog to share our thoughts, ideas and media with the growing group of people who are interested in the pv solar industry.

SES21 USA, LLC is a wholesale distributor for solar components based in Dallas, Texas. Our team consists of professional, committed people who want to make a difference and work towards a solar powered future.

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